Zumba Zagreb

Healthy and fit with Zumba

What is Zumba ?
    Zumba is a "dance fitness program ", in which a varied and effective total body workout comes from aerobic steps and elements of Latin American dances. These dance steps are steps of salsa, merengue, cha- cha-cha or mambo. The average zumba class consists of Latin American songs with alternating fast and slow rhythms. Flowing movements with arms and hips are just part of the workout as well as jumps and turns.

Where does Zumba come from?
    Responsible for the fitness trend of the Colombian- born choreographer Beto Perez. The idea of ​​combining elements of fitness and dance was made during a session of aerobics. Beto improvised with Latin music and a blend of different dance styles. Since this type of workout was so well received by the participants, the choreographer developed his own fitness program, which is now on the rise in Europe.

Why is it called Zumba?
    Initially it was named Beto 's fitness class, but it was too much associated with the classical standard dance. Than he had to come up with a new name for it - and from rumba it became zumba.


What is the goal of Zumba ?
    On top of the fun is in motion. Zumba is an all-round training: the whole body is activated at the same time burning fat, built muscle and the skin tightened addition. The secret: the combination of fast and slow rhythmic movements to Latin music. Zumba is therefore a good alternative to the traditional workout in the gym.

Where can you do zumba ?
    Many gyms offer including aerobics, yoga and Pilates also Zumba classes. For orientation we recommends http://www.zumbalice.com website where everyone can find out where Zumba class are offered and lead trainer which is in these courses. Besides, there are registered only coach who really have a license to fitness or Zumba trainer, which are so well trained and work seriously.    


Who can go to Zumba ?
    No previous experience is necessary for Zumba: ​​if you can walk, you can do Zumba. Because Zumba is designed so that everyone can participate at their own place .  Since there is no fixed choreography and the dance steps are quick and easy to learn,  Zumba is also very suitable for beginners.